Handicap Tournament Fees 1

Entries paid on or before March 31, 2024 $118
Entries paid on or after April 1, 2024 $138
IGBO Direct Associate Membership (good for one year) $25
Guest fee to attend banquet $25

1All prize fund fees collected in an event will be returned 100% and will be paid according to at least a 1:10 ratio for the participants in that event.

Optional Events

Best 3 of 9 $10
Optional Scratch $10
Optional All Events $10
Women's Optional $20
Senior's Optional (55+) $20
Grand Mystery Doubles2 $35
Sidepots (both scratch and handicap) 3 $30
Mega Brackets 3 $5
Brackets 4 $5
2Entrants are randomly paired with a partner across all nine events. Winner(s) ranked by total score.
3All cash event available for purchase at check-in or prior to applicable events.
4Available for purchase prior to applicable events. In an effort to support other local tournaments and groups, CSC invites them to operate these optional events. We advise participants to consult the operators with any rule or eligibility questions. Please note that the maximum liability for these events is limited to the entry fee for the event. These events are cash only.

Scratch Classic Fees 5

Division E (top 9%) - currently 217+ $80
Division A (top 17%) - currently 198 to 216 $70
Division B (top 24%) - currently 181 to 197 $60
Division C (top 32%) - currently 162 to 180 $50
Division D (remainder) - currently 161- $40

5Available for purchase at check-in. Divisions vary according to entering averages of Handicap Tournament, and, thus are subject to change based on Handicap Tournament participation. Divisions are finalized prior to check-in.

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