Handicap Tournament Rules

  1. The California Spring Classic, hereafter referred to as the CSC, is open to men and women by invitation only. This tournament will be a mixed handicap competition sanctioned by USBC, and will adhere to USBC rules and regulations. Any issues not covered by these or USBC rules will be resolved by the Tournament Director. The CSC is also an IGBO tournament.
  2. All participants are required to hold current 2018/2019 USBC membership cards.
  3. All bowling is at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest, California. Bowlers shall not be permitted to practice on assigned lanes on scheduled day of bowling.
  4. The handicap tournament events shall be Team, Singles and Doubles.
  5. Each participant shall bowl three games per event and must enter all three events. Teams will consist of four members comprising any combination of men and women. Doubles partners must come from the same team.
  6. Each participant may bowl only once in each event.
  7. Each participant in the tournament must have an established average acceptable to USBC. The higher of A or B shall be used to determine the entering average. The higher of B or C will only be used if participant has not bowled at least 21 games during 2017/2018 season. The higher of B or D will only be used if participant has not bowled at least 21 games during the 2016/2017 season. E will only be used in the event no averages (A-D) are available.
  • A - USBC 2017/2018 Average1
  • B - Current IGBO tournament average (TAD)2
  • C - USBC 2016/2017 Average1
  • D - League Average 3 as of December 31, 2018
  • E - An average equivalent to the highest entering average (currently 237)

1 Includes Standard, Sport and Challenge Averages. Sport and Challenge Averages converted to Standard using the USBC Conversion Chart If a Sports and/or Challenge Average exists, Final Entering Average will calculated as a weighted average of all available USBC averages.
2 Minimum of 18 games is required.
3 Minimum of 21 games is required.

  1. It shall be the responsibility of each bowler to verify their average, whether submitted by the bowler, team captain or others. Entering averages must be verified by either:
  • USBC Averages listed on
  • IGBO TAD listed on
  • Photocopy of League Standing Sheet including league secretary's name and phone number.
  • Photocopy of cover page and bowler’s page of USBC average book.
  1. Failure to provide proper documentation or providing the wrong average shall disqualify tournament scores if the submitted average is lower than the actual average. In this instance, the bowler will not receive a refund of their tournament entry and will be required to return all winnings from optional events as well. All prize winnings will be awarded on the submitted average if it is higher than the actual average. Entries received whose average cannot be verified will be considered incomplete and not considered for tournament entry until verified.
  2. USBC rules (319c) permit the Tournament Director to assign a higher average prior to participation in each event. If the bowler is unwilling to accept the higher average, they are entitled to a full refund of their tournament entry.
  3. Bowler's handicap shall be 90% of the difference between the highest entering average (currently 237) and the bowler's average. Negative handicaps will not apply.
  4. All cash awards for the handicap tournament shall be based on the total pins plus assigned handicap for each event.
  5. Prizes will be given for Team, Singles and Doubles events.
  6. The award ratio for tournament shall be a minimum of at least 1:10.
  7. Prizes will be distributed via check within 30 days of the competition of the tournament barring any protest. A tie in any position will result in the sum of the prizes being aggregated for the tied positions and divided equally by the number of ties for that placing.
  8. It is solely and entirely the bowler's responsibility to be present at the assigned lanes at the time of bowling. It will be the responsibility of each bowler to arrive on time to bowl.
  9. Complete doubles and team entrants must be present for bowling each event. If a team member is not present the team may use an authorized substitute, if available and approved by the Tournament Director. If no substitute is available, a zero score will be used for the missing bowler or bowlers.
  10. Late bowlers will start bowling in the frame they are ready, with prior frames scored as a zero.
  11. All bowlers must initial the scores on the recap sheet after each event. All scores may be verified against bowling center computers.
  12. All claims of errors or disputes must be made in writing to the Tournament Director no more than one hour after completion of scheduled event.
  13. All entries must be received no later than April 24, 2019 or when the maximum number of entries, 160 bowlers (40 teams) is reached. All entries are considered incomplete until full payment is received for the entire team and may be rejected to allow other paid teams to participate. All check or money order payments should be payable to California Spring Classic. No personal checks will be accepted after April 15, 2019 unless approved by the Tournament Treasurer. There are no refunds except at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  14. The entry fee of $112 shall be apportioned as follows: Lineage-$36.00, IGBO Fee-75¢, Banquet-$30.00, CC Fee-$3.75, Trophies & Expenses-$4.50, Prize Fund-$37.00
  15. Partial team entries will be accepted and the Tournament Committee will make every effort to fill vacancies.

Scratch Classic Rules

  1. The Scratch Classic is an optional event open to all participants of CSC handicap tournament who pay the additional Scratch Classic fee for their associated division prior to the start of the handicap tournament.
  2. Divisions are based on a specified percentage range of the highest entering average of the tournament. For example, if the top average bowler enters the tournament with a 237 average, the top Division E (elite) division would range from averages of 218 to 237. The division ranges of Scratch Classic will be made available on the tournament website and updated as bowlers register for the tournament. The final division ranges will be made available prior to check-in.
  3. Current divisions based on the existing registrants are:
  • Division E (top 8%) - currently 218+
  • Division A (top 17%) - currently 196 to 217
  • Division B (top 24%) - currently 180 to 195
  • Division C (top 32%) - currently 161 to 179
  • Division D (balance) - currently 160-
  1. Qualification is based on the total of each entrant's scratch scores from the nine games of the handicap tournament. The top 50% or eight (whichever is lower) entrants per division when ranked by their total scratch scores from the handicap tournament will qualify to participate in the championship portion of the event. The bowlers who place below the lowest qualifying score will be considered alternates who can be eligible to participate in the championship portion of the event should the qualifying bowlers not check in.
  2. If there is a tie for the last qualifying position for the championship portion of the event, there will be a one game roll-off to determine which bowler advances to the championship rounds.
  3. All competition will be held at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest, California on Sunday, April 28, 2019. The competition will begin at 9:30am for all divisions. Bowlers must check in by 9:15am or will be disqualified and the first available alternate used.
  4. In the event that a division contains less than six (6) participants, all entrants of that division will have their entry fee refunded and no further competition will be held or prizes paid for that division.
  5. The format for the championship portion is a "shootout" style of competition. The qualifiers will bowl together on a designated pair of lanes. The bowler with the lowest score of the game will not advance to the next round and will place accordingly for final payout. For example, if there are eight bowlers who qualify in your division for the championship rounds, all eight will be placed on the same pair of lanes and will bowl one game. The lowest score on that pair of lanes will be considered eliminated and earn eighth place. The remaining bowlers will move one pair of lanes to the right and bowl another game. Again, the lowest score of that round will be eliminated. Here, of the remaining seven bowlers from our example above, the lowest scoring bowler is eliminated and earns seventh place. This format will continue until there is one remaining bowler who will be designated as champion for their division of the Scratch Classic.
  6. If there is a tie for the lowest score for any round, there will be a ninth and tenth frame roll off until a winner is determined to move onto the next round.
  7. Bowlers are allowed 10 minutes of practice before the first match. No other practice is allowed.
  8. Any claims of error in the competition must be reported before the start of the next match. In the final match, any claims of error must be reported within 15 minutes after the end of the final match.

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